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I'm a techie who loves Cloud, Crypto and innovation. I really wish I knew more about parenting or outdoors!

Next Generation Storage for Video…

See how the combination of Intel P4510 NVMe SSDs and Attala composable infrastructure create a storage solution for the future. #IamIntel

Next Generation Storage for Video…

With high video resolutions, higher frame-rates, and VR driving up storage capacities and throughput, entertainment creators need new tech to keep up.

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How to Securely Move Mission Critical Workloads…

Moving your business-critical workloads to the public cloud can be risky, but new software is fighting to make it secure. #IamIntel

How to Securely Move Mission Critical Workloads…

SmartKey is a global SaaS key management and encryption service, secured by Intel SGX, that simplifies data protection in any cloud.

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