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Storage Spaces Direct on Intel Xeon Scalable…

Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct running on Intel #XeonScalable 🙂 by Claus Jorgensen from Microsoft #IamIntel

Storage Spaces Direct on Intel Xeon Scalable…

A look at Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct on Intel’s latest and greatest hardware, which includes a new processor family, Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, an iWARP RDMA network adapter with the integrated Intel® Ethernet Connection X722, and Intel® Optane™ Solid State Drives.

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Re-Architecting Infrastructure for 5G

Listen on your morning jog 👟: Intel & Ericsson collaborating on the Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000 with #XeonScalable #IamIntel

Re-Architecting Infrastructure for 5G

Geoff Hollingworth, Head of Ericsson Cloud Marketing, discusses the need to re-architect infrastructure to increase performance and scale and the benefits of using Intel® Rack Scale Design.

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VMware vSAN: Driving Innovation with Intel…

VMware’s Richard Brunner talks about why they are collaborating with Intel on #DataCenter solutions #IamIntel

VMware vSAN: Driving Innovation with Intel…

Richard Brunner of VMware, joins Conversations in the Cloud to discuss the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and how VMware is collaborating with Intel to deliver new data center solutions, based on the new processor capabilities.

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