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Do we really want Net Neutrality?

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If you are like most of the tech guys out there, working with

  • Linux-based servers – Thank you Linus!
  • OpenStack – Thank you Rackspace and NASA!
  • Apache-based servers – Thanks Brian Behlendorf, Ken Coar et all!
  • or any cool Open Source based software

Then the idea of breaking Net Neutrality is a blasphemy! How could this happen when Internet and all the services running to support it are free and for the good of everyone?!?

Internet is for the good of everyone, but Net Neutrality might not be good for the future Internet anymore – Bear with me before you throw me tomatoes… Read on why:

Net Neutrality might not be good for the future Internet anymore

Think about the bandwidth power required for you to use your phone or tablet with those data hungry apps like Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Spotify, Netflix and many more…

Now, multiply that by the people a mile around you and let’s assume only 10% of all the people is using their phone at any given time.

Add your little child watching YouTube or Netflix, and your nephew playing online games…

It’s a huge amount of data!

ISPs, CSPs, CoSPs (Internet, Cloud and Communications Service Providers) get very creative to cope with this while maintaining the lights on for their employees:

  • They implement QoS (Quality of Service) in every step of the way to make sure you get alerts despite a social app hoarding the pipe
  • They resort to SDN (Software Defined Networks) to manage their infrastructure on NFV (Network Function Virtualization) which saves them a lot of money by using less people, less licenses, makes them agile to deploy.
  • They build CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) to make their delivery of data more efficient

That’s barely enough!

Every time Apple or Samsung decides to come up with a higher resolution phone or tablet, they fill the pinch. Every time Netflix or Hulu decides to increase the quality of the movies, they fill the pinch. New video call feature on Whatsapp? Another pinch.

What will happen when 5G is here?

It’s Ok. Don’t feel bad… that’s their job and they are supposed to profit from this.

But if you follow the news… there are acquisitions, purchases and mergers of Communication Service Providers every year. The cost of maintaining the operation while providing service is a very heavy lift. Every time it’s announced they say: “So and so much of this is X millions in debt”… With many many zeroes in debt.

If we keep going down this road we will force the small Internet Service Providers and Communication Service Providers out of the market… The small fish will be eaten by the big fish and we’ll have only 5 options in the whole US and only a few would be decent. By the way, that’s the status of wireless service providers today.

If we keep going down this road we will force the players out of the market.

This is not a case of a politics, it’s a case of: Somebody needs to care for the end user in the future. The future me, the future you.

Do you have a better idea on how to handle this? I would love to know about it!

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