Data Center Workloads Shifting to Runtimes

Free webinar on 2/18: How developers can leverage runtimes for #data center applications. #IamIntel

Data Center Workloads Shifting to Runtimes

Dramatic changes in software development for the cloud and increased pressure on developers are bringing unprecedented growth in the data center for runtime programming languages.

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Purpose-Built “Ruler” Form Factor Optimizes…

Designed from the ground up for lower power consumption, reduced heat, improved access, #BigData enabling… The @Intel SSD “Ruler” form factor improves efficiency across the board. #IamIntel

Purpose-Built “Ruler” Form Factor Optimizes…

The Intel SSD β€œruler” form factor is inspired by customers and optimized to help data centers manage increasing data volumes.

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Day 7

Sunday. Was thinking of eating meat again, stop juicing, taking a break day… But my wife dissuaded me, since she’s juicing with me and feeling good about it. So we juiced today and added an extra filler:

Banana is very rich, I should watch not to abuse it!

The we went out to drink Jamba Juice, but I don’t like the idea of all that sugar, so I chose coffee from Starbucks.

Soy milk and half the pumps of chocolate syrup.

Then we went to a restaurant and I couldn’t resist to order something that was not a salad. This was my cheat meal of the week.

Chicken pot pie with onion rings on the side.

Day 6

Saturday and keeping up with the juicing habit. Mornings are easy but sometimes I add little filler.

Pineapple and cucumber together taste great. I’m using coconut water to add liquidity but eventually I’ll replace with water.

Almond butter and berries sandwich. Very filling!

For lunch my wife made “Rajas”. I missed the cheese, but managed to eat all of it.

Couple with white rice and/or beans!

Movie night with the wife added a few things I should keep to a minimum.

Pinot noir from Oregon… I drank half a bottle 😳

She made sushi, I ate some cream cheese there, but mostly poke tuna she used.

Considering the amount of wine I didn’t bother to measure my blood pressure. πŸ™‚

Notice how a day around the house allows for more blue zones, with low heart rate.

Day 5

Making up for the previous 2 days.

Eating light throughout the day.

Light breakfast, a few nuts in the oats.

Light lunch

A bit of salmon, there’s spinach under all that.

Snacking on the plane

Snack is potatoes fried on canola oil with mushrooms powder and red wine.

Another green salad for dinner. No cheese and 6 croutons.

In the end it didn’t help to lower diastolic blood pressure.

And heart rate was normal for a run around day.

Weight is 105.2 kgs., an increase as expected.

Day 4

Not my best day. My meal choices were poor and I think that caused blood pressure to go up.

Added a couple of eggs at breakfast

And then this… With an almond milk mocha from Starbucks..

Because of the heavy breakfast, lunch had to be smaller.

Removed chicken and didn’t add dressing but couldn’t avoid the feta cheese mixed up with the salad.

Then, after finishing work, dinner was an awful display of poor decisions.

Starting with the delicious IPA from Fort Bragg, CA.

Snacking on salty chips (tried to remove the cheese)

A large doze of fries

And veggies were sprinkled… Didn’t eat the bread, just the salmon, lettuce and tomato inside.

Then before day’s end, added a ton of sugar with a “healthy green tea with fresh fruit ” and salt with a visit to Wendy’s next door.

Even added extra sugar with ketchup

So even though I got plenty of sleep and worked out in morning…

Blood pressure was high. I even checked twice.

I expect to do better the next day.

Day 3

Cheater cheater animal-byproducts eater

This day was hard because I had to travel for work and meet customers for lunch and dinner! 😰

Breakfast at home. Love my Ninja blender, the best tool in this endeavor.

On the plane I had a little snack. It’s hard to keep it wholesome!

It’s either covered in chocolate (includes milk) or immersed in sugar.

Going to lunch to “Smoking Pig BBQ” was a challenge, my first time in a non-vegetarian non-whole-foods restaurant. Luckily most people is aware of the impact of eating meat and the waitress noticed when I ordered a salad and beans. She recommended the corn muffin and greens.

The beans had teeny tiny bits of meat that I had to eat. Otherwise, most of it was clear of animals byproducts.

Dinner with a customer that was vegetarian enlightened me, they offered soy-based chicken. Also had a rich porter beer, moving forward that would be my modus operandi when meeting customers.

Had to dig into the hummus!

Four pieces of tuna. Most of the guilt came from the dressing, don’t know what it was 😳.

Soy-based chicken nuggets. Taste like tofu but they’re filling!

My stats are good today.

Don’t know what that spike is…

My blood pressure lowered a bit.

Couldn’t check my weight since I’m traveling, but with this rich meals, I expect it to go up.