The Best SSDs of 2018

“Intel’s Optane SSD 900P is the best SSD you can buy, full stop.” Time for an upgrade? #IamIntel

The Best SSDs of 2018

A great SSD speeds up your computer without breaking your wallet. Here’s the rundown on the best SSDs for your money.

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New Capabilities for Decision Support from…

Jake Graham, Director of Product Management for Intel Saffron AI, joins Intel Chip Chat to discuss the launch of the Intel Saffron #AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support Suite. #IamIntel

New Capabilities for Decision Support from…

Intel Saffron’s AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support Suite saves enterprises time by identifying similar/duplicate issues and mapping trends, an important milestone in Saffron’s transformation from platform-based to application-based model.

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Combining ML, DL and Cognitive Computing to…

Intel Saffron #AI contribute to Intel’s AI portfolio through associative memory learning and reasoning – providing customers with unique complementary AI solutions to drive operational excellence. Details in the report. #IamIntel

Combining ML, DL and Cognitive Computing to…

Different types artificial intelligence (AI) are good at solving different problems, applying them simultaneously is the key to success. Explore the use cases from Accenture and Intel CCG on how complementary learning enables more efficient operations and save cost.

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Intel Partners Deliver Enterprise-Scale Solutions

Intel industry partners are pushing technology—and entire technology segments—further and faster than ever, with solutions based on Intel #XeonScalable processors. #IamIntel

Intel Partners Deliver Enterprise-Scale Solutions

Explore Intel Xeon Scalable processors ISV partners featuring software solutions for high-performance servers and data center computing.

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