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Nissan Leaf’s “Around view monitor” is great!

Wow… This feature is awesome! Aided by 4 cameras it creates a virtual top view of the car and moves as you park…



A total of 616 miles!

I will calculate the exact savings (Around $120 as of now) and post it later…


Last charge to get home!

With just a mere 23 miles and about 23 to go, it wouldn’t be wise to continue without a charge.

The Leaf’s navi system is not that up-to-date and didn’t show this station in the road, but that’s why I stick to Plugshare.


Back from Wolf Lodge

After 2 days parked, the battery lost 0 charge, which is good. We have a 62 mile range.

We drove ~40 miles and had to stop again at the Cascade Select store in Castle Rock, OR.

What on regular gas would have been a 90 minutes ride, on an EV you add about 45 minutes for every 60 miles. So that’s about double the time for us so far.


On our way to Wolf Lodge

We skipped a quick charger because we had enough miles. It looks as if I was overly cautious by going slow… Speed does not affect discharge as much as hills.

We could have made it to our destination but I want to have some cushion.

Also, I like this stop because of the taco stand…


While doing groceries

Slow charges are always good: You get about 20 more miles per charge and the batterie’s life is preserved longer.

So we stopped to buy some groceries and took a slow charge in the meantime.

Notice the cool glow on top of the charger.


Pike Place

Beautiful (and expensive) place. Same as parking. Since I knew we would spend a lot of time here I didn’t hesitate in parking at an expensive garage and do a slow charge.

Expensive as any other. Anyways, got a good 104 miles charge for 2.5 hours.